Speakers mp3 Files

You can order mp3 files of the speakers by emailing safe - ldwrites @ flash . net (take out the spaces).
They are $5 per speaker. Some speakers have two files together for their presentation. They will both be $5.

Speaker - Title
Frank Ball - Tools for Editing

Arlington Detective Julianne - Crime Scenes and Characters

Marji Lane- All about Scrivener

Laura McClellan - Setting and Achieving Goals

Shiela Gillis - Lyrical Historical Writing

Julie B Cosgrove- If You Write You Should Speak 

James Callan - Characterization

Deb Raney - Surprising Secrets of the Writing Life

Bruce Judisch - Never Say Never - Subjectivity in Style

Becky Yauger - All About ACFW

Elizabeth Ludwig - Encouragement for Your Writing Journey

Vannetta Chapman - Adding a Touch of Mystery to Your Story 

Becky Wade - Advanced Writing

Richard Mabry - Conference, for Veterans and Rookies

Anne Greene - Making a Good Manuscript Great

Susan Downs - Q and A With an Editor

Barbara Harrison - Using Archetypes to Create Your Hero

Gina Conroy - Out of the Box Marketing

Golden Keyes Parsons - What Makes Christian Fiction Christian?

Margaret Daley - Tips for Planning a Career

Winnie Griggs - Resonance, the Subtle Element of Fiction

Ronie Kendig - Action and Pacing.

Lee Carver - Epublishing

Doris Whitworth - Police officer

Leanna Ellis - Auditioning Your Manuscript

Lena Nelson Dooley - Layering With Pizzazz

Linda Kozar - 50 Ways to Say Yellow

Dr. Megan Maxwell

Leann Harris - Understanding Your Unique Method of Writing

Michelle Stimpson - Writing Characters of Color (2 files)

Mike Farris - Literary Agent in Dallas

James S Rogers - Suspense Writer

Gail McWilliams - Seeing Beyond

Janet Lee Barton - Storyboarding

Michelle Stimpson - Voice

Pamela Binnings Ewen -Christy Award Finalist

Janice Thompson - Make Money Freelancing

Kathleen Y'Barbo - What is Writing Edgy?

Lena Nelson Dooley - Getting the Words Right (Self-editing) (2

Martha Rogers - What's Your Pitch

Curt Iles - Developing Your Speaker's Platform

Bryan Clark - WWII Veteran (2 files)

Lena Nelson Dooley - Writing a Salvation Scene

Lisa Ludwig - Workshop (2 files)

Jane Thornton - What Does Grammar Have to Do With It?

Lenora Worth - Writing for Love Inspired

Lynne Gentry - Dressing Paperdolls

Leanna Ellis - Journey from ABA to CBA

Richard Mabry, MD - Medical Suspense Writer

Debra Clopton - Writing an Exciting Proposal