Friday, September 16, 2011

October 2011 Speaker: Leanna Ellis

Get Your Manuscript Ready for Its Big Audition
Like auditioning for a musical, your manuscript has a short amount of time to make a big impression on the director, er…editor. You want that impression to be the best it can be. Leanna Ellis will share her secrets to polishing that manuscript and editing it for the big audition of submission.

Winner of the National Readers Choice Award, Leanna Ellis writes women’s fiction. After nineteen books published, Ellis is known for her quirky characters and wacky plots. But don’t let the quirkiness fool you as Ellis probes deep in the heart and plucks at the heartstrings. She lives deep in the heart of Texas with her husband and children and an assortment of dogs and cat.

Join us Saturday, October 8 at 11:00am.  See you there!