Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pacing Emotion

Join us as we welcome Linda Yezak at 10:30a, on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Arlington Community Church, 1715 W. Randol Mill Rd,(click to bring up map)
when she presents “Pacing Emotion.” 

With the information imparted by Yezak, we’ll discover techniques of evoking emotion with the simple use of sentence structure and other grammatical tricks.

Yezak is a Texan, accent and all. She is a lifelong penner of prose but her cats didn’t want anyone to know so they shredded much of her first works.

Since that incident she has gone on to publish or co-publish award-winning books and short stories including: Give the Lady a Ride, The Bucket List Dare, The Final Ride, The Cat Lady’s Secret, Simulacrum, and Writing in Obedience. All this in a relatively short time since she didn’t start writing professionally until she turned fifty. “Taking on a new career every half century is a good thing,” she jokes.

Yezak makes her home in a forest in deep east Texas, “where tall tales abound and exaggeration is an art form.” She lives there with her husband, with whom she shares five children, seven grandchildren, and a funky feline named PB. She has a deep and abiding love for her Lord, her family, and salted caramel. And coffee.

Reservations are not required for this event but they are helpful to the planning team. Reserve your spot today!

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Share the usual Dutch-treat lunch afterward for further fellowship and networking.  

See you there!

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