Wednesday, December 15, 2010

James S Rogers - January Speaker

Do you need new ideas for a story?

Do you write suspense or crime novels?

Do you need infomation to make your other novels more interesting?

This meeting is for you.

Senior Forensic Investigator James Rogers has worked thousands of crime scenes ranging from simple vandalism to multiple homicides. He also teaches crime scene investigation techniques to his own and other law enforcement agencies. In his near quarter-century career he has observed much of the evil that man does.

As a follower of Christ and student of scripture he is: a Bible study teacher, prison ministry counselor, international mission team member, and phone/internet operator for NeedHim Ministries. In these he has seen the good that man—in Christ—can do.

Popular knowledge of C.S.I. and Christianity is wrought with inaccuracy. The combination of Crime Scene Investigator and Christian gives him a unique understanding of these indulgent errors.

He has a mission to expose the truth and set the record straight.

James’s non-fiction book, Blood and Light – Evidence of Truth:

• Reveals the truth of scripture found inside the crime scene
• Provides actual crime scene investigation training
• Investigates the greatest crime of all time and how it was solved

Saturday, January 8, 2011
11:00 am
La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant
5250 Hwy 121
Colleyville, TX
(See map in sidebar)
Visitors welcome!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

December, 2010, Ready Writers' Christmas Program and Party

What a way to end the year and then usher in the new! Author, speaker, teacher, and Christian Advocate Gail McWilliams will be speaking on “Seeing Beyond” on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at DFW Ready Writers.

Have you been floundering with your writing? Are you unsure of your purpose or where you are heading with your talent? Gail will motivate you to “See Beyond” impossibilities and reach new summits.

You are invited to take part in “Seeing Beyond,” a challenge for most visual people. Many typically think they are limited or stuck. What if you began to see that you are positioned for greatness beyond anything you could imagine? Gail McWilliams will inspire you with her humor, experiences, motivation, and vision. She will help you “see beyond” impossibilities as you reach for new summits. She says, “When you choose to look past the horizon, the sky is the limit.”

Gail McWilliams has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, empowering them for a renewed reach toward dreams and purpose they once thought impossible. She has a vivacious personality, effervescent humor, and an uncanny capacity to deliver her life-message. No wonder Gail is met with such broad and energetic approval across the nation as she delivers penetrating inspiration, motivating audiences to ascend new summits.

Her love is people and her passion is leaders. Gail’s versatility generates invitations from a wide variety of organizations where she effectively customizes her life-message to benefit any audience, leaving them inspired and motivated. She couples courage with a joyful determination to seize every day for good and blaze a triumphant trail for others to follow. She has extensive experience in public speaking, television and radio, as a recording artist and life coach, and is a compelling author.

Her first book, Seeing Beyond: Choosing to Look Past the Horizon, with foreword by Zig Ziglar, is in its second printing. It captured the attention of people worldwide, leaving them wanting more. She responded with another book entitled Engaging the Heart: Understanding the Treasure Within. Both books are also published in Spanish. Gail is currently working on a new book.

Gail recently spoke at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is a recipient of the first Hope for Life Award given by The Justice Foundation. She appeared with the Governor of Texas twice last year and spoke throughout the nation of Spain this past spring.

Gail and Tony have been married for 32 years and she is the mother of five miracle children the doctors said she would never have. She gradually began to lose her eyesight with each baby. She states, “My eyesight is impaired but my vision is keen.”

Gail McWilliams resides in Dallas, Texas with her family.

Also in December, a break from the traditional party:

The December 11th, DFW Ready Writers will be a celebration Jesus Christ’s birth. Everyone, whether member or not, is invited to share the Christmas Party. This year, however, we will forego the usual exchange of presents to contribute toward one of our own. Please bring a gift card in any denomination from a major store. We'll commemorate the reason for the season with our writer friends and colleagues.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DFW Ready Writers Meetings for November & December, 2010


Have you ever had to leave your writing for a few days or even weeks? When you returned to your manuscript did you have a hard time getting back into the story?

Try storyboarding. It is a method of putting your story together in a visual way so that when you study the storyboard you are immediately drawn back into your book. The mood, the setting, even the characters come to life once again. A storyboard makes the writing flow easier, smoother, and gives you visuals of your characters, places, and things. With storyboarding, those sometimes illusive characters seem to jump off the board and right into the room with you, helping you write their story and keep you on track.

Janet will show you how she begins then adds to her storyboards. She’ll reveal little tricks of the trade and give you ideas for making one of your own at the DFW Ready Writers’ November 13 meeting. Join us while we learn a new technique when Janet Lee Barton presents: Storyboarding.

Born in Roswell, NM, JANET LEE BARTON has lived all over the southern U.S., but she and her husband now call Oklahoma home. Several years ago, they bought a house with a daughter and her husband. With two teenage granddaughters in the mix, life is quite an adventure! They laughingly call it their "Generational Living Experiment."

Janet loves being able to share her faith through her writing. Happily married to her very own hero, she is ever thankful that the Lord brought Dan into her life, and she wants to write stories that show that the love between a man and a woman is at its best when the relationship is built with God at the center. She's very happy that the kind of stories the Lord has called her to write can be read by and shared with women of all ages, from teenagers to grandmothers alike. You can find out more about Janet at: .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coming Opportunity!

Vice President Janice Olson has just set a date with speaker, writer, and literary agent Mike Farris of Farris and Farris Literary Agency in Dallas, and also an entertainment attorney with Tipton Jones. He will be speaking to our group in February 2011. Mike handles CBA and ABA clients, has had several clients’ books turn into movie contracts, and is very knowledgeable about the publishing and movie industry.

Mike has graciously offered to take a look at one sheets from of our members. If you are looking for an agent, or would like to have an agent look over your one sheet, over the next few months get busy and polish that baby of yours and bring a one sheet with you at the February meeting. If you are in doubt of what a one sheet should look like or say, many of our authors and writers would be willing to send you examples of what one should look like. But remember:  a one sheet is just that—one sheet, and no more.

So please don’t abuse Mike’s kind nature by bringing multiple one sheets. Only one per person. He will not look at a manuscript, synopsis, or chapters. He will not discuss that gem of an idea you have running around in your head. Take advantage of this opportunity that is just around the corner.

If you have any questions about this, please email

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brag Lines October 2010

Did you know that our member Richard Pickett is a musician and songwriter as well as playwright and prose writer? He recently sent query letters "all over Texas" concerning his Christian opera and, so far, Wayland Baptist University and Abilene Christian University BOTH took it, and said they'd read it after Christmas, and consider premiering it next year.

His Christian songwriter-partner, Karen Kite of Abilene, met a successful Christian TV writer. The three are going to write a "children's Christian musical TV show" and pitch it to producers. Also, Karen signed a contract with an Oklahoma outfit who will book her to sing their Christian songs all over the country, and release them on a national CD. So things are lookin’ up for Richard. Hallelujah!

Lena Nelson Dooley signed a three-book contract with Strang, taped an interview with which aired October 11-12, was interviewed by Romantic Times at the ACFW Conference, and had a video interview at Conference with . She’s working hard on deadline right now.

Beth Shriver sold:
Reclaiming Tess—Release date June 2011 and
Love is a Rose—Release date December 2011
Check out the link below to watch Beth’s interview and make a comment:

Leanna Ellis was a guest blogger this weekend, talking about how she wrote Facelift when the words wouldn't come right after her dad died. Stop by , read it and leave a comment.

Fringe member Lisa Buffaloe is proud to announce Nadia's Hope placed runner-up in the women's fiction category of the Genesis contest. She’ll be the speaker at her church's women's retreat October 22-24th. The topic is "Living free".

Lynne Gentry's submission to B&H for an African series wasn't picked up, but maybe another publisher will recognize this gem.

Jane Thornton's latest article, “Alone at Midnight,” is available at

There you are, folks! DFW Ready Writers are writing, selling, blogging, talking, and even singing!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

October 9th: Voice with Michelle Stimpson


Voice is what keeps readers coming back to your work page after page, story after story, book after book.  Though every work has its flaws at some level, voice forgives a multitude of sins and engages your reader from beginning to the end.  The beautiful thing about voice is that it's unique and natural – it’s YOU!

Let’s face it: next to a great idea, voice is what appeals most to editors and readers. Absent this essential human trait, a computer could have been programmed to spit out your novel. So how do you include your own voice without overwhelming the reader? And how can you bring “you” into a third-person narrative so that readers will fall in love with the way you tell a story? In this session, we’ll take a stab at those questions by analyzing bestselling authors’ works to discover their unique voices and practice techniques to kick up the voice in your own novels.

Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994.  She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002.  She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults. 

In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking.  Her works include Boaz Brown, Breaking Bondage to Biscuits, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), The Good Stuff, Trouble In My Way, and the upcoming release, Last Temptation.  She has written and published over 40 short stories through her educational publishing company at She also ministers to women through her blog.

Michelle lives near Dallas with her husband and their two teenage children. She is active in the Creative Tyme Ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Visit Michelle online at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September 10, 2010, Speaker Pamela Ewen

Pamela Binnings Ewen practiced law for twenty-five years and is a retired partner in the international law firm of BakerBotts, L.L.P. She is the author of The Moon in the Mango Tree, a 2009 Christy Award finalist. Her first book was the acclaimed non-fiction Faith On Trial endorsed by her law partner, former Secretary of State, James A. Baker III. In connection with Faith On Trial, Pamela is also featured along with Gary Habermas, Josh McDowell, Darrell Bock, Lee Stroble, and others in the film Jesus: Fact or Fiction, a Campus Crusade for Christ production. Secret of the Shroud will be released by B&H Publishing Group on September 1, 2010, and Dancing On Glass is set for release in 2011. Secret of the Shroud is the fast-paced, tense story of an embittered and powerful clergyman who learns an ancient secret, confronting him with truth and a choice that may destroy him.

Pamela and her husband, Jimmy, live in Mandeville, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans, across Lake Pontchartrain. She is on the board of directors of The Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, The Faulkner Society, and co-founder of the Northshore Literary Society. In 2009 Ewen was honored as Literary Artist of the Year by the Cultural Arts Commission, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Join Pamela on for more information.

Following the meeting at La Hacienda Ranch, Pamela will have a book signing at Mardel's in Hurst.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brag Lines for August, 2010

The blog mistress apologizes that some of these are coming out a bit late. To compensate, this article is being mounted from a hotel room in Brazil. Y'all keep the credits coming.

Lisa Buffaloe will be the speaker at the ladies retreat for Summit Church, (Boise, Idaho) October 22-24, 2010.

The following is a clip of Beth Shriver’s interview on the Morning Show SFL:
Beth’s article is up on Gina Welborn's blog . She invites us to stop by and comment.

Lena Nelson Dooley was featured on Shawna Williams’ e-book blog: . Lena will have an interview on Friday Aug 6th, and you can see the postings at Writing Career Coach [] and at Examiner]

The August 14th meeting will be followed by a booksigning by our guest speakers at Mardel Christian store at the corner of Grapevine Highway and Hurstview in Hurst at 3 PM. Come see the authors there.

Deborah Rather’s Baby Makes a Match is the Romantic Times Top Pick for the month

On January 11, Barbara Harris’ (aka Leann Harris) Second Chance Ranch for Steeple Hill will come out.

KNEO Radio in Neosho, MO did a taped interview with Lena for Love Finds You in Golden, NM on their show, Author’s corner. This station reaches Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. The show will be broadcasted about two weeks after the interview.

Beth Goddard heard from her agent that her Redwood Coast proposal was sold to JoAnne (Heartsong). She will sign the contract in November so it’s not “official” yet, but we’re already congratulating her.

Did we miss anything? Email the blog mistress to send in additions. Good work, Ready Writers!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janice Thompson & Kathleen Y'Barbo

Janice Thompson & Kathleen Y’Barbo
What a Deal! 2 Speakers, 2-Hour Workshop for only $15.00 per person.
While you’re sitting in your bathrobe or warm-ups, drinking the now-cold cup of coffee or tea, writing that next New York Times best seller, wouldn’t you like to earn cash on the side to keep you writing habit afloat? Or maybe, just maybe you’d love to add to your little bag of writing accomplishments … well then … you won’t want to miss hearing Janice Thompson.
Janice Thompson, multi-published author, speaker, mentor, and all around woman of many talents with a great sense of humor (If you don’t believe me just read her books), will be giving a one-hour presentation on "Supplementing Your Fiction Habit." This is a fast-paced course that will give fiction writers eight different ways to earn money with their writing (outside of fiction novels). Ms. Thompson will discuss goal setting, write-for-hire work, magazine article writing, public speaking, non-fiction books, and much, much more.
Then after hearing Janice Thompson and before you cozy up to your next villain or contemplate your romantic love scene, wouldn’t you want to know just how edgy that next scene should be? Will you cross that proverbial writer’s line of no return? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how edgy is too edgy? … well then … you must hear what Kathleen Y’Barbo has to say about “Over the Edge: Edgy Fiction in the CBA Marketplace.

Kathleen Y’Barbo, bestselling author of more than 35 award-winning novels and novellas with over 950,000 books in print, a tenth generation Texan, graduate of Texas A&M University and a member of the Texas Bar Association Paralegal Division, will give us all some idea of pitfalls of writing Edgy for CBA. Edgy fiction has become a much-used term to describe the latest trend in the Christian market, but what does it really mean to write "on the edge"? And how does an author know when he or she has stepped over the edge of realism into the realm of shock value? This workshop will visit the topic of edgy fiction and offer writers much to think about on topics that were once considered off limits in Inspirational novels.
Plan now to attend this workshop and meet two incredibly talented authors that will hold your attention with two chucked-full hours of inspired insight into the CBA writing world.
Both of these authors are multi-published in a number of different venues, and they're experts in their fields.

Come join us for lunch and a special time of learning. A book signing at Mardel in Hurst will follow the meeting.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Brag Lines, July 2010

Jane Thornton has a new article online, “I Think I Can’t”. Her pieces are always practical, uplifting, and hard-down honest. The address:

Anne Greene is on a roll. White Rose Publishing contracted for her book, Masquerade Marriage. This Scottish historical proves that she isn’t locked into a time, a country, or a genre. Got any great marketing ideas? She’s listening.

Tyndale House is using seven of Lisa Buffaloe’s devotions for their book, tentatively titled The One Year Book of Laughter and Joy. Publication is August, 2011. Her inspiring story is on

Lisa posted a true story about a young man who is an evangelist overseas. Lisa writes, “His story blows my socks off! I need these wonderful reminders that God is an amazing God.” . Read and be blessed. I did and I was.

And Marilyn Eudaly’s submission, "Serpent in the Basement", will be in the same book!

Ronie Kendig will be signing NIGHTSHADE and doing a small talk on PTSD at Legacy Books in Plano on August 17th at 7pm. This is a very nice independent bookstore, the same one that hosted Sarah Palin when she came. She urgently requests that we show up to support her. It matters.

Beth Shriver is going to Florida to do a book tour and be on two television shows to talk about her book, Peace for Parents of Teens.

Lena Nelson Dooley had a live podcast with Christian Work at Home Mom on July 15th.

Becky Yauger posted a blurb on the August meeting, a two-hour, two-speaker mini-conference, with the online Dallas Morning News. Read it at .Thanks for the publicity, Becky.

Deborah Rather aka Arlene James has finished the fourth book in the Chatam House series from Love Inspired (Steeple Hill Books). She’s now working on the 2nd book in a new continuity series set in Colorado. You can find her at:

Dr. Richard Mabry’s second novel of medical suspense, MEDICAL ERROR, was to be released Sept 1, six months after the release of CODE BLUE. However, it's already available on Amazon, Cokesbury, and a few other sites. The publicity for it won't really get underway until Sept 1, but if you encounter anyone who just can't wait to read it, please pass on the information that it's available. To investigate his “Medical Suspense With Heart,” go to and .

DFW Ready Writers is a moving and shaking group. Sometimes we get published, and sometimes we don’t, but we’re always out there writing and and learning.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July 10, 2010 Meeting

The words pour from your mind into your fingers as they fly across the keyboard. Your masterpiece, your baby’s coming alive. Then your critique group takes a look at your manuscript and tears your work of art to shreds. And those red marks on every page.... (Oooh! Shivers down the spine.) It’s downright humiliating. Why?

You’ve used weasel words, too many "wases ," "its," "has beens," "beginning to," on and on with words that say zilch and do nothing for your manuscript or your readers. Would you like to improve your writing? Would you like to know how to tighten your work and make it zing—grab your readers’ attention?

DFW Ready Writers presents “Getting the Words Right,” a one-hour guide to self-editing. Lena Nelson Dooley, multi-published author, mentor, critique guru, and wordsmith, will show you how to look at your work and make it shine so that it will grab the attention of that editor and agent.

And as a bonus, attendees will receive several handouts with handy tips, critique savvy, and what to watch for when reading your work or other writers’ manuscripts. Make plans now to attend Saturday, July 10, 2010, 11:00 a.m. at our usual place: La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant, 5250 Highway 121, Colleyville, Texas.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

June 12, 2010 Meeting

What's Your Pitch?
Using analogy to baseball pitches, learn how to condense our stories into 25 words or less then expand to a blurb then back cover copy. Slow pitch, fast ball, curve, split finger, or slider, which is yours? You want your pitch to glide right over home plate for the perfect strike. You want a pitch that will catch the editor’s eye. Bring a short synopsis and brief description of your book.

Although Martha’s primary writing experience is in non-fiction, she has been writing fiction for a number of years. Her novel, Not on the Menu (May 2007), is a part of Sugar and Grits, a novella collection with DiAnn Mills, Janice Thompson, and Kathleen Y’Barbo.

Martha’s background includes a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Education, twenty-eight years as a secondary teacher, four years as supervisory teacher for student teachers at University of Houston Clear Lake and eight years as an instructor of English Composition for freshmen at Houston Community College.

Martha served as editor of an eight page monthly newsletter for the writer’s organization, Inspirational Writers Alive! for six years and is the state President. She is also the director for the annual Texas Christian Writer’s Conference and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers for whom she writes a weekly devotional. Recently, Martha revised seven Bible studies for First Place Health Program, published by Gospel Light, and wrote one original, Begin Again. She also had several articles appear in Christian magazines.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brag Lines, April 2010

We are thrilled to announce three finalists in the ACFW Genesis contest: Mindy Obenhaus in the Romantic Suspense category, Anne Greene (of our South Korea division) in Historical Romance, and longtime member Lisa Buffaloe, who recently moved to Idaho, in Women’s Fiction. The Genesis contest is only open to unpublished writers. Great start, ladies!

Jane Thornton has had an article published monthly in She writes with wisdom and humor, as you can see by these samples: “Goodbye Bunny Sweater” published 5/24
and also “A Little Cheese with that Whine” was published on 4/26 :

Dr. Richard Mabry has a book signing for his tremendously successful first book, Code Blue, on Saturday, June 12th, at the Cokesbury Store in Dallas from 11 to 1, with four other authors. Then he packs up and goes to the Barnes & Noble in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, where he and Ronie Kendig will be signing from 2 to 4. We look forward his second release, Medical Error, in September, 2010.

Beth Shriver also will be signing Peace for Parents of Teens on June 12th, 2-4, at The Shops at Highland Village, Texas, on June 12th 2-4. See an excerpt on Hartline Literary Agency’s blog now: .

Our publisher rejections prove that we’re a hard-working group, striving for publication and supporting each other through the process.

Lynne Gentry’s Ghost Heart went to committee for the second time at Cook, but was declined.
Sheaf House turned down Jane Thornton’s Encouraging Kelsey, a book of ideas for encouraging people who are struggling with illness and depression.

Lee Carver’s proposal of Blessed Insurance was rejected by Steeple Hill. Romance on a Distant River, formerly known as Jungle Nurse, is still floating around out there in Publisher Land.

DFW Ready Writers voted last week to issue certificates for rejections as encouragement to continue honing our craft and sending out well-critiqued manuscripts. Sales of books will be acknowledged in a manner currently being decided.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Personal Mission of Curt Iles:
To walk closely with Jesus, be a man God can use, and be respected by my wife and family.

On Saturday, May 8, 2010, DFW Ready Writers is happy to present speaker and author Curt Iles. He will speak on "Making Opportunities Happen: Developing Your Speaker’s Platform".

Curt Iles is self-published. Yet being self-published hasn’t stopped him from making over 20,000 sales with his fiction books.

How does he do it? Curt will explain how he developed his speaker’s platform and at the same time created opportunities to sell his novels.

In these economic times, writers are discovering it harder and harder to find publishers that will accept and publish their books. And some of the first questions asked by publishers are, “What do you bring to the table? Do you have a platform?”

Do you even know what a platform is? Do you have one? A publisher may be interested in your book for publication, but they will want to know—What do you have to bring to the table? Can you show them numbers? Strong numbers? Would you like to know how to make your platform even stronger with more opportunities to present your work?

Yearly, Curt speaks at over 100 events. This has allowed him to make many new friends, spread the word about his books, and the result? Over 20,000 books sold by word of mouth. On May 8th, Curt will show you how to spread your writing influence by speaking opportunities. He’ll explain how to go about booking engagements to various groups.

Whether you are a multi-published, conventional author, a self-pubbed author, or even an unpubbed author, every writer needs to know how to build the best platform possible. Curt is the man with the experience and know-how and the numbers to back his claim. Learn how you too can build your platform and get your numbers up so the publishers will take notice.

Curt Iles is a full time author/speaker writing from his hometown of Dry Creek, Louisiana. As a popular speaker, Curt enjoys traveling, telling stories, and making new friends. He and his wife DeDe travel extensively on mission trips to Africa, Asia, and Central America.
He recently released his seventh independent book, A Good Place. His previous six books have sold a cumulative 20,000 copies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brag Lines for April/May 2010

Mindy Obenhaus took third place in NTRWA's Great Expectations Contest.
Mindy and Lisa Buffaloe finaled in The Great Expectations Contest. .

Lisa was interviewed by Julie Gorman of His Love Extended Ministries on her BlogTalk Radio show .

Lisa had a speaking engagement with the IdaHope writers group on 04/22/10.

Deborah Rather (aka Arlene James) just landed a 3-book contract with a continuity series to come, making that 4 books sold in one week to Steeple Hill. Color her tickled. See more at and .

Lena Nelson Dooley had a successful book signing party last week for Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico. You will be able to buy a pre-release copy at the meeting Saturday. Lena was at the North Texas Book Festival, Denton, Texas, Saturday, April 17, as an exhibitor and panelist.

Lynne Gentry published another short story with Simon & Schuster in God Encounters with James Stuart Bell.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Utilizing the Internet, Presented by Lena Nelson Dooley

On Saturday, April 10th, multi-published author and speaker, Lena Nelson Dooley will explain how to maximize your impact with a minimum amount of time you spend online.

Publishers today want their writers to have a platform and be able to promote their books. They want to know what you are bringing to the table besides your wonderful novel.

So how do you get known? How do you get a following?

Lena Nelson Dooley is the woman with the know-how.

The Internet can be a tool to help us promote our books, or it can consume great amounts of time. Lena has learned how to utilize the Internet to the best of her ability and make it pay off. Over a relatively short period of time she has garnered a large Internet presence. Her blog has over 3,000 hits per month with a couple thousand feeds. She's also on several social networking sites sharing her expertise. However, she doesn't spend as much time on the Internet as readers perceive that she does.

Lena will explain how to make yourself a force to reckon with and become known on the World Wide Web, and all this can happen with very little expense of your time. She will share the little known secrets, hidden wealth of how, and her expertise in utilizing the Web.

Lena Nelson Dooley is a multi-published, award-winning author who loves to mentor other authors. With her 25th book release, she has close to 650,000 books in print. Her next release, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, will be on sale May 1, 2010. Look for it bookstores everywhere.

Lena has spoken at conferences and writers’ meetings in four states. She also speaks at women's retreats and event of all kinds. She lives in Hurst, Texas with her husband of over 45 years.

Lena’s door and heart are always open to those God places in her path. She seriously considers her ministry as a mentor, prayer warrior, even a champion of the downtrodden, her life’s work.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bragging Rights for Ready Writers!

The release date of Beth Shriver's devotional book, Peace for Parents of Teenagers, is May 1st. Barnes & Noble of The Shops at Highland Village, TX, (4100 Deer Creek, Suite 100) will host the signing party on Saturday, May 22nd. Beth is also scheduled for a speaking engagement at First Baptist Church of Lewisville, TX, (1251 Valley Ridge Blvd.) on Wednesday, April 23rd. Congratulations, Beth. Way to go!

Mindy Obenhaus is a finalist in NTRWA's Great Expectations contest. Final round judge is Natalie Hanemann with Thomas Nelson.

Lee Carver came in second in Christian Writers of the West’s Phoenix Rattler Contest. The final judge was Melissa Endlich with Love Inspired Harlequin.

Lynne Gentry and Lisa Harris have launched a new blog at

Dr. Richard Mabry is now working under a three-book contract with Abingdon Press. His first novel of medical suspense, Code Blue, launches April 1. The launch party will be 7:00-8:30 PM on April 8 at Legacy Books (toll road and Legacy). Ready Writers is so fortunate to have a medical doctor who volunteers opinions on our literary efforts. Let’s show our support and appreciation by turning out for his launch party.

Book two, Medical Error, publishes in September, book three next April--all are completed, and he’s getting good feedback on them. Dr. Mabry has a number of signings and blog interviews coming up, and he'll try to let the group know about them in advance.
He also has a meditation in the March-April Upper Room.

Marilyn Eudaly presented the workshop, Characters in a Writer's Zoo, at the February meeting of the CenTex chapter in Round Rock on February 20. We were treated to this presentation at our May, 2009, meeting. She has created a good seminar product.

Lena Nelson Dooley's book Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, will release May 1. There will be a Book Release party at Mardel Christian Store in Hurst, Hurstview Drive and Grapevine Highway on Saturday, May 1, 1-3 pm. You can sign up to receive a giveaway basket and you'll meet the people she dedicated the book to and find out the reason for each one. And she'll read a scene from the book.

Barnes & Noble, NE Mall, Hurst, TX will host an authors signing on Feb. 27th, 3-6pm. Featured writers are Shayla Black, Leanna Ellis, Gina Lee Nelson, Beth Shriver, Wendy Watson and others.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mary Hollingsworth – Saturday, March 13th

What's Happening in the Publishing Industry Today?

Mary Hollingsworth will give an overview of the changes and trends in our industry today, including the influence of the struggling economy. She will talk about up-and-coming publishing options, such as e-books, print-on-demand books, and self-publishing as alternatives to traditional publishing. She'll talk about branding and how to build your writer's "brand" (identity) and platform through Social Media Marketing.
Who is Mary Hollingsworth?

Mary Hollingsworth is the author of more than one hundred books and products. Sales of her books now top seven million copies, and her books have appeared on best-seller lists more than one hundred times. Mary has been a freelance author and managing editor since 1988. During her writing career, she has had more than ninety other works published, including articles, poetry, plays, and songs.

Some of her best-known books are Just Imagine with Barney the Dinosaur—the first hardcover picture book produced with the big purple guy; Hugs for Women; Hugs for Kids; Little Taps on the Shoulder from God; My Little Bible; The International Children’s Story Bible; and many others. She is currently writing a 365-day devotional for Tyndale House entitled The One Year Book of Laughter and Joy.

Mary served as a managing production editor for Worthy Books, Word Publishing, and Thomas Nelson, Inc., for more than fifteen years. She has also served as production editor for a number of major publishers, such as Guideposts Books, Integrity Publishers, WaterBrook Press, Howard Books/Simon & Schuster and others where she supervises the editorial production team for such well-known Christian authors as Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, Chuck Colson, Pat Robertson, Women of Faith, Patsy Clairmont, John MacArthur, and many others. She has also worked with Christian recording artists such as Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, Tammy Trent, Kathy Troccoli, and Michael W. Smith on various books and recordings.

She currently serves as the managing director of Creative Enterprises Studio—a writing and publishing association that assists publishers and individuals in the writing, editorial production, printing, and distribution of their books. You can see their work and services at

Mary’s background in publishing includes a wide variety of book genres and responsibilities: trade books, workbooks and study guides, gift books, devotionals, children’s picture books, Sunday school curriculum, adult and children’s Bibles and Bible story books, Bible reference books, cookbooks, and others. She has served as proofreader, copy editor, substantive editor, rewrite editor, co-author, general editor, managing editor, cover copywriter, and art director, among other assignments.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from Abilene Christian University, Mary has minor equivalencies in journalism and Bible. Her master’s work is in journalism and communication.

Mary lives and works in Bedford, Texas, with her dog, Jazz, where she enjoys reading, collecting miniature and rare books, singing, and travel.

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