Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Word From Our President

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President Marilyn Eudaly with guest speaker, Louise Gouge

There are many beneficial opportunities for writers are coming up at DFW Ready Writers.
Everyone will want to attend the last four meetings of the year. Please prayerfully consider your service to DFW Ready Writer for the remainder of this year and next.

MOST IMPORTANT: DFW Ready Writers as a group would like to donate a bag of goodies for the Silent Auction at the ACFW National Conference. Deb Rather has volunteered to decorate a tote, which will we fill to the brim with our contributions. Please bring to the September meeting or contact Mindy Obenhaus or myself regarding your contribution. Remember the person with the highest bid may have to take the prize home in their suitcase on a plane. Could you donate a book you have written, a gift card to a national chain store (considering the top bidder may be from another planet) snack items that could be consumed while at the conference? Please help us fill the bag. Proceeds from the auction will go toward scholarships for next year's conference.

September 8 -- Preparing for Conference -- Moderated by Lena Nelson Dooley
If you are attending the ACFW National Conference this is a must attend for you
If you are not planning on attending this year's conference, you will get much information on how to get published.

The conference and our meetings are all about you writing and being publishing.

October 13 -- Margo Carmichael on Character Quirks
If your characters aren't real, they aren't going to sell. Margo can tell us ways in which we can make them real people.

November 10 -- DEB RATHER will present the program

December -- New officer take on their new positions and then we will party including a gift exchange.
The gift has a $15.00 limit. Should be something useful to a writer. Could be a book from your shelf that helped you in your quest for publication. We will number the gifts. Then each person attending will draw a number from a hat and get the matching numbered gift.

Next Year Lena already has many outstanding authors signed up for programs.
January -- Lena Nelson Dooley
February -- Sandy Glahn
And during the year -- Lenora Worth, Debra Compton, and Martha Rogers.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS --- Please consider these places of service --

Lena Nelson Dooley has voiced an interest in serving as Vice President for another year.
Dawn Morton Nelson is willing to continue as secretary or serve as president.

YOU could be our next president!

I have made the decision not to continue as president after this year. I have enjoyed serving in this capacity, however, I must make other things a higher priority. My intention is to be the best past president and volunteer that I can be.

Historian: All right you lovers of history, here is a new chance to serve. At September's meeting the group decided that a new position should be added to the board. The Historian would be responsible for keeping a paper trail of our organization, gathering the copies of the minutes, any pictures or news articles. As the first Historian, you will be able to work with the other board members to set the standards for this position.

Secretary -- If you are interested in this position, Dawn will be interested in moving on. She and Lena has everything set in place to make taking over an easy transition.

Treasurer -- Ed Bufkin has done a great job of establishing our financial records. He would like to turn these responsibilities over to someone else. Ed finds his retired life even more hectic than his professional life. Taking on this position required only a few hours each month.

I will be sending out, in another message, the responsibilities of these offices.
Marilyn Eudaly, 2007 DFW Ready Writer's President

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