Friday, July 16, 2010

Brag Lines, July 2010

Jane Thornton has a new article online, “I Think I Can’t”. Her pieces are always practical, uplifting, and hard-down honest. The address:

Anne Greene is on a roll. White Rose Publishing contracted for her book, Masquerade Marriage. This Scottish historical proves that she isn’t locked into a time, a country, or a genre. Got any great marketing ideas? She’s listening.

Tyndale House is using seven of Lisa Buffaloe’s devotions for their book, tentatively titled The One Year Book of Laughter and Joy. Publication is August, 2011. Her inspiring story is on

Lisa posted a true story about a young man who is an evangelist overseas. Lisa writes, “His story blows my socks off! I need these wonderful reminders that God is an amazing God.” . Read and be blessed. I did and I was.

And Marilyn Eudaly’s submission, "Serpent in the Basement", will be in the same book!

Ronie Kendig will be signing NIGHTSHADE and doing a small talk on PTSD at Legacy Books in Plano on August 17th at 7pm. This is a very nice independent bookstore, the same one that hosted Sarah Palin when she came. She urgently requests that we show up to support her. It matters.

Beth Shriver is going to Florida to do a book tour and be on two television shows to talk about her book, Peace for Parents of Teens.

Lena Nelson Dooley had a live podcast with Christian Work at Home Mom on July 15th.

Becky Yauger posted a blurb on the August meeting, a two-hour, two-speaker mini-conference, with the online Dallas Morning News. Read it at .Thanks for the publicity, Becky.

Deborah Rather aka Arlene James has finished the fourth book in the Chatam House series from Love Inspired (Steeple Hill Books). She’s now working on the 2nd book in a new continuity series set in Colorado. You can find her at:

Dr. Richard Mabry’s second novel of medical suspense, MEDICAL ERROR, was to be released Sept 1, six months after the release of CODE BLUE. However, it's already available on Amazon, Cokesbury, and a few other sites. The publicity for it won't really get underway until Sept 1, but if you encounter anyone who just can't wait to read it, please pass on the information that it's available. To investigate his “Medical Suspense With Heart,” go to and .

DFW Ready Writers is a moving and shaking group. Sometimes we get published, and sometimes we don’t, but we’re always out there writing and and learning.

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