Wednesday, December 15, 2010

James S Rogers - January Speaker

Do you need new ideas for a story?

Do you write suspense or crime novels?

Do you need infomation to make your other novels more interesting?

This meeting is for you.

Senior Forensic Investigator James Rogers has worked thousands of crime scenes ranging from simple vandalism to multiple homicides. He also teaches crime scene investigation techniques to his own and other law enforcement agencies. In his near quarter-century career he has observed much of the evil that man does.

As a follower of Christ and student of scripture he is: a Bible study teacher, prison ministry counselor, international mission team member, and phone/internet operator for NeedHim Ministries. In these he has seen the good that man—in Christ—can do.

Popular knowledge of C.S.I. and Christianity is wrought with inaccuracy. The combination of Crime Scene Investigator and Christian gives him a unique understanding of these indulgent errors.

He has a mission to expose the truth and set the record straight.

James’s non-fiction book, Blood and Light – Evidence of Truth:

• Reveals the truth of scripture found inside the crime scene
• Provides actual crime scene investigation training
• Investigates the greatest crime of all time and how it was solved

Saturday, January 8, 2011
11:00 am
La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant
5250 Hwy 121
Colleyville, TX
(See map in sidebar)
Visitors welcome!!

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J. S. Rogers said...

Thank you for having me.