Wednesday, September 5, 2012

October 2012: Using Archetypes to Create Your Hero

What kind of man is that hero of yours?  Is he the chief?  The bad boy?  The charmer?  How about your heroine?  Is she the boss? The seductress?  The spunky kid? 

Multi-published author Leann Harris will talk about using Archetypes to create your heroes and heroines.  Think about your guy and find him at our talk.

We will meet on the 2nd Saturday of October, 10/13 @10:30 at the BedfordPublic Library

DFW Ready Writers is the local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers. Visitors welcome!

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Steve said...

Sad I missed Leann's presentation. Not sure about the rest of you but the conference wore me out (Smiling). In a good way. That and fall allergies or the weather change or maybe just getting old (53) and I'm zapped. But plan to attend in November pending I'm off from my moonlighting PT income. That is becoming such a drain (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually) too. Margaret Daley and I have talked often about bullying as in institutionalized problem for all American workers, especially in a challenged economy. With her suggestion I may write a future novel (series) on it from a big box retail perspective. For a PT job (and access to low cost insurance) it is a FT hassle. PS - looking forward to the Sheriff's perspective. One of my writing partners is a long time lawman in West Texas (Odessa/Midland) serving a decade with the SO there and another 25 years with the PD. Now a bailiff in the Federal Courts. Have many friends in law enforcement and looking forward to this talk of the differences between the two departments.