Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Character Auhtenticity

Join us, Saturday, September 9, 2017, 10:30a.m. 

 as we welcome Dr. Bethany Huff to speak with us regarding “Character Authenticity.”

Earning her doctorate in Strategic Leadership gave Dr. Huff the chance to study neuroscience, leadership theories, organizational behavior, and a myriad of personality profiling tests and theories, a background well-suited for speaking on this character development topic.

“Characters who speak and act in agreement with their inherent motivation and personal values resonate deeper with the reader,” explains Dr. Huff. During her presentation attendees will learn four valuable concepts to help create genuine characters who speak, act, and react authentically. This deeper level of authenticity will allow readers to more deeply identify and connect with your fictional characters, allowing them to come to life.

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According to Dr. Huff, she has always been intrigued by how people think and how our behaviors are influenced by our mind and by other people. She completed her doctorate after working for 14 years in the finance field. She currently enjoys teaching Psychology at The Center for Home Education in Watauga and speaks to various groups about the human brain and it works. 

Dr. Huff was born near Chicago but is profoundly happy she came to Texas when she was five years old. She is married to Dr. Glenn Huff and is passionate about being mom to her three girls. She loves God, Chocolate, and sharing love, confidence, and beauty with other women through her Mary Kay business.

Come meet Dr. Bethany Huff and learn how to make those characters jump off the page and into your reader’s hearts! 

See you there!

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