Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janice Thompson & Kathleen Y'Barbo

Janice Thompson & Kathleen Y’Barbo
What a Deal! 2 Speakers, 2-Hour Workshop for only $15.00 per person.
While you’re sitting in your bathrobe or warm-ups, drinking the now-cold cup of coffee or tea, writing that next New York Times best seller, wouldn’t you like to earn cash on the side to keep you writing habit afloat? Or maybe, just maybe you’d love to add to your little bag of writing accomplishments … well then … you won’t want to miss hearing Janice Thompson.
Janice Thompson, multi-published author, speaker, mentor, and all around woman of many talents with a great sense of humor (If you don’t believe me just read her books), will be giving a one-hour presentation on "Supplementing Your Fiction Habit." This is a fast-paced course that will give fiction writers eight different ways to earn money with their writing (outside of fiction novels). Ms. Thompson will discuss goal setting, write-for-hire work, magazine article writing, public speaking, non-fiction books, and much, much more.
Then after hearing Janice Thompson and before you cozy up to your next villain or contemplate your romantic love scene, wouldn’t you want to know just how edgy that next scene should be? Will you cross that proverbial writer’s line of no return? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how edgy is too edgy? … well then … you must hear what Kathleen Y’Barbo has to say about “Over the Edge: Edgy Fiction in the CBA Marketplace.

Kathleen Y’Barbo, bestselling author of more than 35 award-winning novels and novellas with over 950,000 books in print, a tenth generation Texan, graduate of Texas A&M University and a member of the Texas Bar Association Paralegal Division, will give us all some idea of pitfalls of writing Edgy for CBA. Edgy fiction has become a much-used term to describe the latest trend in the Christian market, but what does it really mean to write "on the edge"? And how does an author know when he or she has stepped over the edge of realism into the realm of shock value? This workshop will visit the topic of edgy fiction and offer writers much to think about on topics that were once considered off limits in Inspirational novels.
Plan now to attend this workshop and meet two incredibly talented authors that will hold your attention with two chucked-full hours of inspired insight into the CBA writing world.
Both of these authors are multi-published in a number of different venues, and they're experts in their fields.

Come join us for lunch and a special time of learning. A book signing at Mardel in Hurst will follow the meeting.

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Richard Mabry said...

Wish I could be there, but I'm meeting that day with the women of Stonebriar Community Church to discuss Code Blue at their monthly Books and Bagels function. My regrets (and a big "hi") to both Janice and Kathleen, and best wishes for a successful workshop.